Monetization Options

Before starting monetizing website make sure that the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated. All WooCommerce related options will appear after activating plugin.

In theme there are two main ways how to monetize the website. It is possible to sell single courses or full access to all courses sitewide. After purchase new options are applied to user account so you can see user's access credentials in user profile in admin area.

Full Courses Access

You can configure full access to all courses from Customizer. But before create new "Simple" product in WooCommerce, mark it as "Virtual" and in "Inventory" tab select sold individually. After product creation you can assign this product in "Customizer - EduHub General".

Now in header the button for purchasing full access product will appear. After clicking on the button it will be added in WooCommerce cart. From this point everything is straightforward. User must purchase the product. When the site admin marks order as completed, credential for accessing all products will be granted to user. As mentioned above you can see this option in user's profile page in admin.

Single Course Access

In this case you must assign WooCommerce product for each course separately. If you don't assign product to course, it will be clarified as free course. You can assign product to course in product detail. The workflow is same as in full course access. The button for purchasing access to course can be displayed by using "EduHub: Purchase" widget. The widget will display purchase button only if it is displayed on course or lesson detail page. Credentials for courses are stored on user's profile page.


You can use WooCommerce Subscriptions for recurrent payments. Please note that this plugin must be purchased separately and it is NOT bundled in theme.

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