Lessons Configuration

Each lesson can be assigned to one single course. After assigning the course, lesson will appear on the course detail page. If the course has multiple lessons assigned, lessons will appear as a list. If you are looking for reordering lessons (by default they are ordered chronologically) assigned to course, you can use third party plugin. There are several options available in official plugin directory.

Available Options

These options are available in lesson detail page in admin are. It is not required to configure anything, if you are not looking for specific lesson configuration.

Option Name Description
Course Assign one specific course to this lesson.
Free You can mark specific lesson as free so the user will be able to check it without purchasing course of full access.
Login required It is required to login before checking the content. Handy if you marked lesson as free but you still want to user to login.

Lesson Section Options

As mentioned before you can split lesson into several chapters in "Sections" metabox available in lesson detail page in admin area. Sections are repeatable form group so you can create unlimited number of chapters per one lesson. If the lesson contains only one section with the assigned "Protected File" which is a video, video player will appear at the very beginning of lesson detail page.

"Protected File" is custom post type created under "EduHub - Protected Files" which will allow you to created files which are not publicly available without logging in or purchasing proper product.

Option Name Description
Title Chapter title.
Description Plain text chapter description.
Image Chapter image.
Protected File Protected file which will be assigned to chapter.
Promoted If checked file will appear on the top of the post. If it is a video it will appear as video player. In case that multiple sections are marked as promoted, only the first one will be selected.

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