The most common way how we are creating new layouts is by using widgets. Widget is native functionality coming from WordPress and it is quite easy to use. We recommend to check "Appearance - Widgets" sections for the list of all available widgets. All widgets coming from EduHub are prefixed by "EduHub" string. By opening the widget you will be able to see all available widget options.

When creating any page in WordPress you have several options how to compose the current layout. First and most easy way is to use some sort of page builder. We have good experience with the Visual Composer which is paid and than with the Page Builder by SiteOrigin which is free and you can download it from

Using the page builder is the most easy way how to compose the layout. But by using such a plugin you site will slower. If you are looking for the performance optimized websites we recommend to compose the layout by using simple WordPress widgets.

Theme has almost always defined several widget areas. You can use them and place there proper widgets. But the widgets will appear on all pages. You can manage when the widgets will appear by using Widget Logic plugin. With that plugin you can set when the certain will display so you can compose for example different homepage from other subpages. For the controlled widget display use WordPress conditional tags.

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