Companies & Agents

Plugin is defining another two custom post types called company and agent. You can find them under "Listing Manager" menu section within WordPress admin. The main purpose of these post types is to add more advanced hierarchy for listings so you can assign listing to agent and then agent to company.

You can assign agent to listing in product edit screen where you click on advanced tab and then you will see agent select box. At the moment it is not possible to assign multiple agents to single listing.

Agents and companies are regular WordPress custom post types so they have their archive pages. Archive page in WordPress is page where you can see posts of certain custom post type. These pages are available under "/listings" and "/companies" URL addresses.

If you are building for example real estate website you can rename company to agency which makes more sense for this niche.

If you want to change naming conventions of these post types we recommend using Say What plugin. If you change name of the URL you must navigate to "Settings - Permalinks" and click on save to take effect of you changes.

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