Package System

Package system in Listing Manager allows to create unlimited amount of packages which can be purchased by users. Each package have its own max. number of listings and the duration options. Before starting with the packages please make sure that you have configured "Submission Type" to "Packages" under "Customizer - Listing Manager Submission".

Creating Packages

Package is regular WooCommerce product with the product type "Package" so you just navigate into "Products" and when creating new product set the "Product Type" to "Package". Package has two options: max. number of listings and duration. The duration value sets how long it will take when the package will be expired. Value "-1" sets the duration to unlimited. You can set how many listings users will be able to submit from the front as well. Value "-1" sets unlimited amount of listings.

Package Expiration

Before the package is expired it will send information e-mail so the user has time to extend the package duration. The information about expiring package is displayed on the front end as well. When user clicks on extending the package, new product will be added into shopping cart so the user must process the checkout to get the package extended. You can configure how many hours before the package expiration user will be notified under "Customizer - Listing Manager Notifications".

Displaying Packages on Front End

User [listing_manager_packages] shortcode to display available packages.

Important Notes

  • When price of the package is changed, new price will be applied.
  • There is no subscription support for the package system.
  • It is not possible to "upgrade" the package BUT users can reassign listings to other packages.
  • User can create product without already purchased package but it will be in the draft mode. Status will be changed after processing checkout with the package.

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