Customizer Options

All options are located inside Customizer section of WordPress site. This is preferred way how to store theme options in WordPress. Options are divided into multiple sections.

Listing Manager Pages

This is most important part of all options. Here you must set just correct page for each option. Each page must contain certain shortcode which is already desribed under the field.

Listing Manager General

This part contains only few interesting options. It is not required to set them because site will works without them. Here you can find: “Automatically login user after registration”, “Inquire for authenticated”, “Contact information for authenticated”, “Autocomplete” and “Allow order featured”.

Listing Manager Events

Here you can set if you want to unpublish already passed events. When this option is checked system is search for already passed events which are then unpublished and hidden from the front end. From backend they are still accessible.

Listing Manager Statistics

Do you want to collect statistics? You can do that by enabling two checkboxes in this section so all search queries and details will be logged. You can check statistics results under “Listing Manager - Statistics”.

Listing Manager Google Maps

You can set here Google Maps API key and select your favorite map style. There is around 100 map styles. Without the Google Maps API all maps on your site will be not working so please make sure that you generate proper API key in Google Console.

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