Before installation please check if you are using most recent PHP. At the moment we support PHP 7.x and PHP 5.6.x. Versions below 5.6.x are not supported. We always recommend to use at least VPS services for full control on your WordPress site. But if you are not familiar with the VPS don't worry, regular hosting programs should be fine as well.

If you have download the package on your local computer you can start with the installation. Please prepare ZIP file containing style.css in root directory. Navigate in admin into Themes section and select your ZIP file. Now you can confirm an upload. After the upload you have to set theme as default.

If theme installation was successful you should see a message about installing additional plugins. Please install all required plugins. If theme contains one click installation run it as well. You can check if theme has one click installation underToolssection.

In one click installation we are not bundling original images. We are using mainly only placeholders which have only one color. We are using this approach because downloading all images from demo server could take a lot of time so we decided to use only placeholders to improve installation experience.

After installation is always good idea to check the permalinks under Settings - Permalinks. Always make sure that you are using Post name option. After selecting the post name don't forget to save the permalinks. By this action all permalink option in WordPress site are regenerated.

Minimal Requirements

If you're planning to build a website using WordPress, you must first ensure your hosting provider meets WP's requirements.


  • MySQL 5.0.15 or higher with PDO


  • At least PHP 5.6.*. Recommended version 7.*
  • PHP5 GD library installed
  • Disabled error_reporting flag on production server
  • Enabled mod_rewrite in Apache for clean URLs
  • Memory limit set up at least 96MB


  • WooCommerce is required

To make everything working as smooth as possible, it is recommended not to use cheap hostings. We have best experience with VPS.



  1. Copy both theme and child-theme folders into "wp-content/themes"
  2. Navigate into admin "Appearance - Themes"
  3. Activate child theme

Please always use child theme. You can change all content of primary theme through child theme with custom actions and filters. Important advance of using child theme is that you never loose your changes after installing an update.

All theme options set in main theme are not available in child theme.


  1. Copy plugins into "wp-content/plugins"
  2. Navigate into admin "Plugins"
  3. Activate Listing Manager plugin. Make sure that WooCommerce is active as well.
  4. Resave permalinks in "Settings - Permalinks".

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