Workforce support capability WordPress system. Plugin defines capabilities for each custom post type which is available inside workforce_crud_post_types. When user is created all Workforce's capabilities are by default assigned to this user by implementing proper WordPress actions.

You can manage all Workforce capabilities under Users - Capabilities. This page is available for administrators in WordPress backend. It is not possible to change user capabilities without access WordPress administration. You can find template responsible for rendering capabilities table under wp-content / plugins / workforce / templates / admin / capabilities.php. The business logic of this table is in wp-content / plugins / workforce / src / Workforce / Admin / Page / CapabilityPage.php.

Workforce capability system is managing an access to custom post types values on front end. For example by unchecking Touchpoint value under Users - Capabilities for certain user you will block an access to companies on front end. An example capabilities looks like workforce_touchpoint, workforce_company and so on. From examples you can see how the capability names are composed - WORKFORCE_PREFIX_POST_TYPE.

Plugin is checking an access to menu items as well. If the user does not have an access to companies archive page, it checks each menu item item if it is archive_pages term and if all conditions are met, the menu item is removed.

Note that plugin does not have more specific capabilities for editing a content as publish, remove, create, update and so on.

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