Minimal PHP version

Please make sure that you are using at least PHP 5.6.25. Anyway we recommend to migrate to 7.x as soon as possible.

Custom fields

All custom fields in system are handled by CMB2 library. If you are looking for adding or editing custom field we recommend to check their official documentation.

Settings & Options

All theme and plugin options are situated inside WordPress Customizer. User capabilities are located in Users - Capabilities.

Sample Date Only for Parent Theme

Data coming from one click installation are available only for parent theme. So if you decide to use child theme all Customizer options will be lost. This happens because Customizer options are assigned to theme name and child theme name differs from the parent one.


You will be notified only about upcoming tasks & touchpoints.

Repeatable tasks & touchpoints

It is supported to have repeatable objects only on weekly level. So for example you can not repeat object once per month.

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