Supported Types

Workforce plugin supports several custom post types. All these post types have their own screens where you can do basic CRUD operations. Each post type has its own archive page which is generated by WordPress (you can overwrite them by creating archive-post-type-name.php in your theme).


In people section you can create persons. Each person can have several phone numbers, email addresses and other fields. You can assign person to company. It is not possible to attach person to multiple companies.


Companies have similar fields as persons but they can be used to group persons into different companies. Company and person post type are used in all other post types below.


When you have companies and people you can start creating touchpoints (meeting) and map them to company and person. Each touchpoint can be assigned to you colleague as well. Touchpoints can be repeatable on weekly basis only.


Before starting any project you can create estimate for your client with the price so the client can see before starting the project how many it will cost. Of course you can export an estimate to PDF and send it to your client. You can edit estimate's PDF template inside template/helpers/estimate.php.


You can assign project to company. Later these projects are used as main node for tasks and invoices. It is possible to convert project into invoice and have auto generated values in invoice from project and tasks information. There are two types of project. One type with the fixed price and the other one which have hourly rate.


When you have projects you can create tasks which will be assigned to projects. Of course you can assign your colleague to task if needed. In task post type it is possible to track hours as well. They will be used when you decide to convert project into invoice.


Simple post type used to track all your company expenses. Create new expense add name, price, currency code and save. After that will appear all you expenses in the Workforce: Calendar.


You can easily create new invoice and assign it to a company. Each invoice can have several items. In item you can define item title, quantity, price and tax rate. It is recommended that all company have all proper information which will be used on the invoice. Exporting an invoice into PDF is a must. You can edit PDF template inside template/helpers/invoice.php.


Colleague post type is a special post type. It is an abstract post type which is just used to display available users. Workforce is expecting that all users in the system are your colleagues. You can edit the template in archive-colleague.php but we are not using regular WordPress loop for displaying users but custom WP_User_Query for displaying users. You can edit detail page in author.php

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